Warm Wishes

Touched by Mya..

She's a Keeper
Nov 30, 2018
Very gorgeous and smelled wonderful. Smart and interesting to talk to. She’s a keeper!
Mad Skills
Nov 25, 2018
Looks better in person than in pics. Dark skinned, beautiful face and toned body. Very athletic,.mad skills. Very comfortable and easy to talk to. E
Delectable Girl
Nov 25, 2018
I would love to keep her as my personal concubine but since that won't be happening any time soon I should share my experience and keep my karma good as I seem to have broke my string of bad luck in this hobby and I'd like to continue my run, lol. She has an almost shy, innocent quality about her that make her quite endearing. The date went better than I had anticipated. Words cannot do justice to what she did or how it made me feel but I know for fact that I have never had such an extended feeling of euphoria in my life and I cannot wait to experience it again. I will not go into the minute details of she provided this and she provided that, nor will I state that she allowed me to this and allowed me to that to her. Set up was fairly easy. We had been texting back and forth over the last few nights, so we already had a good rapport. She has an ass to die for, and a gorgeous body too as is displayed accurately in the pictures on the website. I the lucky me had memorable time with her. Started with great atmosphere by great chat and then, we both had very satisfying and amazing breath-taking session with lots of eye contact and deep fulfilment. Girl is a complete package and I can't honestly really pick a bad thing about her...she earned my perfect score and she is my Olympic gold medallist! Arrived at the hotel and was sent up immediately and was pleased when I saw her. I'm telling you she has nice tits and one of the best asses I've seen in a while. She is beautiful with a rock solid killer body and a butt to die for. Loved her great no-rush attitude and some great conversation. I would never hesitate to spend time with her again. Just think I may have never seen her if I had not been left out in the cold by another provider. All I can say is wow. I was fully drained. Being with her was definitely as close to the best experience as one could get...she talks the talk, and walks the walk...she is just amazing...and honestly how she prepared herself for our time together was impeccable...her entire body...soft and fragrant...like flowers and candy...wow...